How to start trading?

Trading with binary options is easy thanks to a high potential for value growth, both for beginner and experienced business people.

1Choose the assets you want to trade with

On our platform you can choose from dozens of different assets: currency pairs, shares, or commodities. We give you the opportunity to trade on the most important stock exchange markets in the world.

How To Step 1

2Choose the expiry date and time

After analysis of the chosen asset, our platform will let you choose one of the many expiry methods, thanks to which you can end the transaction. Everything from 60 seconds to several months, always tailored to your needs.

How To Step 2

3Choose the number of investments

Choose the amount you want to use to close the investment. Only you can change the amount of your investments.

How To Step 3

4Guess the development of your assets

Is the price of your chosen asset going to fall (PUT) or rise (CALL)? Try to guess the right direction using your skills.

How To Step 4

5Wait for the transaction to end

After your chosen trading time expires, you collect the profit. If you guess the direction correctly, you will gain about 80% of the invested money, in addition to your profit.

How To Step 5